Sudoku techniques - Advanced techniques and sudoku strategy

Sudoku techniques are means to eliminate candidate numbers in a Sudoku puzzle. The more challenging Sudoku the more advanced techniques are required. On this page you can test how well you know advanced Sudoku techniques.

Advanced Sudoku techniques

Sudoku Online game has plenty of advanced techniques including all those listed on this page.

This page presents a new kind of Sudoku challenge. You need to solve just a particular technique aspect of a Sudoku puzzle, but not the complete Sudoku problem. This is probably the most efficient way to learn advanced Sudoku techniques.

The challenges start with intermediate Sudoku techniques and gradually shift to more advanced Sudoku techniques. Solving all the challenges requires the techniques listed in the table below.

69.9% (905451)
9.6% (96604)
7.7% (76726)
Pointing pair
3.6% (35926)
Naked pair
2.7% (27251)
1.7% (16835)
X-wing finned
1.5% (14612)
1.4% (14201)
Hidden pair
0.9% (9002)
Locked numbers
0.4% (4363)
Sashimi X-wing
0.4% (4003)
0.1% (1327)
Naked triplet
0.09% (866)
0.02% (227)
Hidden triplet
0.005% (49)
Naked quad
0.004% (40)
0% (0)
Hidden quad

I find it kind of interesting that the more rare a technique is, the less likely it's to be found in Sudoku puzzles: Easier techniques can solve about 70%, medium difficulty just over 10% and difficult about 5% of all Sudoku puzzles. About 90% of all Sudoku puzzles were solved with these techniques which is quite nice, but new Sudoku techniques will still be found after you know these.

Take the challenge and try how well you know advanced Sudoku techniques.

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