Snake game - Play free one-button Snake game online

Steer snake with one-button, eat bugs and avoid biting own tail.

One-button game

Snake can turn left and right.

But how to turn left and right with just one-button? The trick is to follow the direction of Snake's wiggle.

Snake eats bugs

Eat bugs to stay healthy! Um, that didn't sound right... Eat greens to stay healthy? Ahh, that sounds about right!

The goal of the game is to eat green bugs, while avoiding others.

You know greens are good for your immune system and help to fight diseases. But you can yet boost it by your imagination, like watching this exciting video in which a white blood cell (good guy) eats bacteria.

Free Snake game online

Free Snake games are not uncommon. The specialty of this Snake game is the one-button control and that it works in the browser on almost any device with an Internet browser, including mobile browsers and full screen mode.

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