Clave game - How to play two bar son and rumba clave beats

Play a clave game online and learn son and rumba clave beats in a minute.

Clave rhythm

The clave rhythm is the key to popular music. This game tests how well you can play with the clave rhythms.

How to play: Listen to metronome beats and tap/click on the game as instructed.

Son clave beats

The son clave has five beats over two bars, as illustrated in the picture.

son clave beats in 3-2
Son clave 3-2
son clave beats in 2-3
Son clave 2-3

The son clave beats can be in a 3-2 or 2-3 pattern, where the number tells count of beats in the first and second bars. The melody of music tells which one should be used.

Rumba clave beats

The rumba clave beats differ from the son clave only by one 1/8 beat, as illustrated in the picture.

rumba clave beats in 3-2
Rumba clave 3-2
rumba clave beats in 2-3
Rumba clave 2-3

The rumba clave beats are widely used on contemporary music. The clave is not always played all distintively, but more like a general structure for the music.

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