Childrens puzzles - Christmas puzzle with fun animal pictures

An easy and free puzzle that suits everyone. Play with touch screen or mouse.

Puzzles for children

This puzzle is suitable for children (and the child-minded). The game features funny animal pictures (and a ghost), and it also teaches the names of the animals.

You can find the original images on Pixabay website: african-buffalo-35325, bald-eagle-309003, bear-48555, cat-153308, cat-153953, chicken-48509, chicken-306110, dino-307721, dinosaur-37796, dog-304206, duck-312099, elephant-151076, frog-159002, ghost-35852, hippo-308772, milk-cow-297483, monkey-37394, monkey-47934, monkey-474147, penguin-305574, pig-303632, pig-304317, rabbit-23172, rabbit-30479, sheep-47527, teddy-bear-304324, tiger-308768, zebra-470305, snow-snowman-cold-winter-frozen-160956.

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